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Debbie Watt - Osteopath

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NHS Lincolnshire 

You may be able to receive NHS funded Osteopathy as part of a package of care through the Lincolnshire Pain Assessment and Treatment Service 

I am one of the local providers contracted by NHS Lincolnshire Pain Assessment and Treatment service to provide treatment to patients with musculo-skeletal problems. The aim is to give patients choice of health care provider and improve local services for patients within the Lincolnshire area.


- You need to be registered with a GP in Lincolnshire

- You will need to be referred to the service by your GP practice

- The service is available to adults and children aged 7 years and over

Conditions Treated

- Neck Pain

- Upper and mid back pain

- Low back pain with or without sciatica

- Sacro-iliac joint pain

- Jaw pain

- Arm and leg pain of musculoskeletal origin

- Flare up of osteoarthritis or other long-term joint condition that will benefit from time limited therapy

- Acute soft tissue injury

- Pregnancy / Pelvic pain

Package of Care

You will be offered a package of care which will include a full assessment and diagnosis, a course of treatment, and advice on how to help yourself get better as well as how to prevent the problem re-curring.

Further Information

Please contact us for further information or ask your GP.

Elland House, 22 High Street, Burgh-Le-Marsh, Skegness PE24 5JT

54 ST Bernards Avenue, Louth, LN11 8AA

Email : mailbox@debbiewatt.com